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Monitor Archive for February 3, 1987

I ain't a prude, but...
Aquino's charter wins big. Vote strengthens hand of Filipino leader, but poses new challenges
Susan Stamberg graces public radio's `Weekend Edition'
Iran-contra affair prompts 200-year-old question: Who's in charge of foreign policy? The Constitution sets up some guidelines. But our dealings with...
Backyard breadbasket. For a yard that's a feast for the mouth as well as the eye
The small-print lowdown on low air fares
ASK THE GARDENERS, Questions & Answers
The right and wrong way to open relations
If dollar declines too far, inflation may return, Volcker warns
A president's wartime powers
Holding firm on hostages
Scientists hope huge atom smasher will give clues about universe. Super collider would whiz protons around 52-mile ring
New contract ends Deere labor dispute
Israel firm on not giving in to Lebanon kidnappers' demands. Officials recall outcry over past prisoner exchanges
Tensions rise as Falklands fishing zone takes effect. Argentina, Britain try to avoid clash, but avoid concessions too
Bringing up the best
Healing religious prejudice
Detention of American reporter may reflect political struggles in Iran
New US data show terrorism ebbed in 1986. 40% drop in Europe credited to joint effort by Western nations
Those '88 budget cuts - critics say `outrageous,' but facts say otherwise
The Puerto Rican dilemma. Latins keep one hand in mainland's strong economy, one hand in the Caribbean island's traditional culture
Rebels in Samal hit hard by the vote
As a new year dawns
Victoria would have loved Hawaii's royal palace
The fine art of handmade books. Yolla Bolly Press publishes limited editions of California authors
Reagan and the quiet conservatives
Waite's plight deepens daily
Martin Luther King on when to act
Kennedy: all firms should provide medical insurance
Germany and France: contrasting public responses to terrorism
Germany and France: contrasting public responses to terrorism
Amateurs in foreign policy
America begins a yearlong crash course in Constitution
Going bananas for pickups