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Monitor Archive for February 17, 1987

Looking at the 20th century
To some teens, it's `outrageous!'. `Interactive' laser game ignites enthusiasm - and controversy
One night at the movies
The crime of jailing journalists
Insider charges hit the `in' crowd, with a bigger blow at trust
Technology for cosmic listening posts has application on Earth
With rising urgency, Europe calls for narrow US view of ABM
Plan would be funded by monthly fee from participants
MGM changed my name to Philip Trent
An artificial-intelligence glossary
Of lost countries, families, and causes
The new, improved buzzwords
Jury award for lynching likely to hurt KKK group
Central American peace plan seen as promising
Mozart inspired engaging dance from Tharp
Further easy wins will be elusive for Democrats on Hill
Press ahead for an INF agreement
FDR's court plan - 50 years later
Even nonskiers have fun at Garmisch
Trumpeter swans change their tune. Northwest swans alter feeding habits, grow healthier as result
Fair-weather friends
Not missing out
You don't say
Shakeup in the contras. Calero resigns from leadership slot, giving more power to moderates; but he still controls army
The crisis in the family - a historian's view
Iran set for new offensives. Tehran hopes new fighting will lead to Iraqi coup
Televised performance is `live' and well at Lincoln Center
Egyptian Queen Nefertari. Experts start project to restore wall paintings in tomb at Luxor
It was Paul Simon over politics in Zimbabwe
Looking at the clock
Computers in the cockpit? Happy landings are routine
Edna Ferber on show time
Mozambique food crisis deepens as war blocks delivery of aid
ARMS CONTROL AND `STAR WARS'. Soviet hopes for arms accord appear to dim