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Monitor Archive for February 13, 1987

Controversial 14-hour `Amerika' starts Sunday
News In Brief
Law group considers reforms in how injuries are compensated
`Moms' pays tribute to black comedienne
Pretoria to US: quit meddling. S. Africa sees US disarray as chance to be tough
Brooks Range offers hiker's challenge, pioneer's reward
Operation Greylord bribery case leads to judicial reform
Houston's new school `boss'. Support of teachers is the primary goal for Joan Raymond
Moment of truth for Filipino Army. As fighting mounts, troops must show they're part of new, improved military
Hopped-up baseballs, fans on field all part of Caribbean Series
Lofts and conservatories: two hot trends in the design world
Heike Onnes: father of the modern superconductor
UNFROZEN FRONTIER. Alaska's outback: a flightseeing sojourn to Arctic's summer climes
US plants see competitive spark from software that speeds parts
Scientists look at less expensive ways to carry electricity. Superconductors don't need as much cold to work efficiently
Job protection for AIDS victims wins a round
US, Soviet action is moving toward `dismantling arms control'. Researchers say both sides overplay claims of treaty violations
Kenai: taking the less-traveled road
Carlucci takes charge. New NSC head runs tight ship, open shop with `tremendous change in atmosphere'
Scrubbing up for a Sunday drive
Germany's Greens wrangle over what coalition collapse means
The effect of prayer
Passage through Alaska: a nautical tour of straits and shores
HOSTAGE CRISIS. Israel would consider deal for seized flier
Caribbean secret: two-star heaven in the Yucat'an
All aboard for Alaska and ports beyond
Gorbachev impresses, Reagan distresses. Europe hails Soviet action on rights but is wary of US arms moves
What saved a chain of papers in Mexico is being tried at UPI
First stage of SDI should be ready by mid-1990s, says Crowe
Tickled by pink
Are the ripening fruits of genetic engineering bitter or sweet?
More cities in West fighting smog. Albuquerque, Phoenix, others trying voluntary auto restrictions
Forsyth County march ignites dreams and doubts for civil rights
Spanish students' concerns for future fuel protest movement. Lack of jobs and rigid education system spur student demands
Banchetto Musicale builds loyal following
The other Jamaica. If you haven't explored the east end, you've missed the best of the `Princess of the Antilles'
HOSTAGE CRISIS. The US handles crisis gingerly
Yukon's secluded treasure
Home builders aim new design ideas at growing `empty nester' market
6 p.m. oasis
Soviets crack down on demonstrators. Protests sought release of jailed Jewish activist
The people: turned off politics