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Monitor Archive for December 7, 1987

The bottom line on the INF accord
A critic prodding Hollywood into higher ambitions
War-torn Sri Lanka sees hope for recovery in economic aid. Though peace pact is still shaky, Colombo seeks help to rebuild devastated economy
Mikhail Gorbachev's credo: a call for universal `restructuring'
Lessons from 1929
A bloom out of season?
A voice for keeping the US economy well supplied with money
Three short works from a prizewinning playwright
Hopes for US space station lift off again. Former astronaut wants to be `landlord' of orbiting industrial park
Global opportunities for choosy investors. MARKETWATCH
Copyrighting intellectual property
Kuwait's strong response to internal subversion alters life in oil-rich state. Kuwait, under threat from Iran's missiles, has cracked down hard on p...
Carry me back to old Kiltumper. Couple flees Manhattan for a rural cottage life in the west of Ireland
San Francisco mayoral vote a referendum on direction shift. November ballot leader Agnos still the favorite
Warmth in the north country
Soviets yielded most on road to summit. Superpower leadership on the line at summit. Reagan and Gorbachev approach their talks politically weakened...
Cubans await details of promised hearings. Detainees dependent on government good faith to uphold agreements' spirit
News In Brief
A winter walk on a clear night
Making and marketing art superstars. Schnabel show raises new/old questions about the aims of art
Gorbachev needs proof that risk-taking pays off. Superpower leadership on the line at summit. Reagan and Gorbachev approach their talks politically...
Want to learn English? Speak math and science
In Appalachia, children read better in their own words. Breaking the family legacy of illiteracy
Sending Bibles to the USSR
Though agenda is set, there's always the question of chemistry
Playpens, Pampers, and politics. A new generation of female lawmakers speaks out on family issues
Charles gives architects a royal pain
Despite deadlock, both sides show will to renew Nicaraguan talks
The summit and regional issues
Women seek to win more attention in 1988 campaign. Presidential hopefuls are avoiding discussion of issues, activists say
Calgary officials optimistic about Olympics despite lack of snow