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Monitor Archive for December 4, 1987

US to press Gorbachev for progress on southwestern Africa
How Americans view the USSR
Reform opens new chapter in Soviet literature
Summit likely to speed talks on strategic weapons. Experts see outline emerging for cuts in long-range forces. SUPERPOWER SUMMIT
Three books now in paperback
The world according to Disney Studios. The imaging of celluloid
Healing fear of the future
It's Britain vs. rest of Europe in subsidy row
Columns and columns of gifts
News In Brief
Amid Haiti's chaos and poverty, visitors glimpse unusual resolve
Massachusetts clamps a $1,000 lid on PAC contributions
Big year for dome-based teams; Heisman vote may be close after all
Gorbachev's London stopover is nod to Thatcher status in West
Glasgow's domestic time machine. The Tenement wafts you back to the cluttered gentility of 1910 - thanks to a woman who never threw anything away
The lion and the gypsy
Sid Shiff's art books take as long as he wants. The imaging of fine art
CBS reports on South Africa's future
Barn doors
A context for democracy. California requires public school study of one of histories harder lessons: Armenian genocide
Chicago: succession and reform
Journalistic scoops
Historical photography alters our perception of time. The imaging of nostalgia
The film that was shelved until glasnost. Soviet epic `Repentance' tweaks tyranny with satire, surrealism, and more
No joke, US now a tax haven. Americans may gripe, but after-tax pay is high
A time for cooperation
Planning a house for the two-career family
Superpower summit: misery loves company
Congress moves toward limiting employer use of lie detectors
`Barring the CIA'
Other carriers happy to fill in while Air Canada is on strike
A letter to readers about letters to the editor
Verity sees new market in Soviet Union
A photographer's pick of world views. The imaging of life
Once-rejected AIDS initiative gets back on California ballot
The true story behind zinc-lined grain bins