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Monitor Archive for December 31, 1987

The outlook for 1988
Half slave, half free
In classical field, hype sometimes outshined artistry. A look back at pop and classical music, recordings. 1987 - THE YEAR IN THE ARTS
Correcting prison management
A banner year for Asia
African nations debate merits of single-party system. Majority adopt it as way to stem dissent from rival tribal groups
States make it `official' - from songs to salads and muffins
It's time for national service
News In Brief
For Gorbachev, '88 is make or break year. Soviet leader must build on successes, fend off growing challenges
In pop, new groups and artists made '87 a dynamic year. A look back at pop and classical music, recordings. 1987 - THE YEAR IN THE ARTS
More foreign-owned food companies add `Made in USA' label. A way around import restrictions and quotas
Pretoria in throes of perestroika
For Reagan, '87 was a grueling year. Arms control offers chance to recoup losses
`The Swaits'
The West's sobering prospects
Policing the airwaves
Executions in South Africa show slight shift from racial bias
Grass-roots war on drunk driving. CREATIVE WEAPONS
The changing of the time
Let's protect the whistle-blower
US chief justice wants Congress to create 69 new judgeships. EXPANDING FEDERAL COURTS
Consecration of the house
Makers of ATVs agree to halt sales
PLO shows it can capitalize on unrest. Deeper roots in occupied lands help build loyalties
Will support for big proton smasher fade?
PERESTROIKA PETS. At Moscow's open-air `bird market,' it's raining cats and dogs
Sheltering a family's dreams
Passport to spiritual healing
Sampling the writings of travelers who refused to be tourists
Dance that rivals Broadway's color, theatricality. Ailey troupe revives works of Katherine Dunham
Kennedy's judicious image
Visit to a Chinese `millionaire'. If the government ever gives the signal that unbridled capitalism is acceptable, Mr. Hong will gladly become the k...
Gorbachev's `Perestroika' hits the big time
Our critic's choice: the 10 best classical recordings of '87
Inconsistent Seahawks, surprising Saints among NFL's wild-cards
The space race: a question of political will. American space setbacks.