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Monitor Archive for December 28, 1987

DeLillo's debut as playwright
Holidays are poignant time for hostage kin
BETTE DAVIS. On the heels of a new honor and a new film, a screen legend looks back over her 60-year career.
Rupert Brooke remembered
Momentum of summit helps arms negotiators gear up to cut down. `START' TALKS
Citizen jurors
Canada's Sikh community confronts extremist intimidation
France's `No. 1 cop' - tough, controversial, and self-made politician. Pasqua scores against domestic terrorism, but critics allege `deals' with Ira...
End of '87 marks beginning of new Pentagon spending limits
Wright ban is wrong, court rules
US endangered species act is fighting for its life
OPEC disarray seen as two-edged sword
For 1988, most economists forecast a happy new year
Nancy Graves: transforming diverse objects into art. Graves, an artist with the wit and courage to fashion fanciful, critically acclaimed sculpture...
Farm bill meets mixed reviews. Some hail aid as enormous step, others doubt its impact
Hard lessons for mutual funds and their investors. Oct. 19 silenced marketing blitz; looking for bargains
Make way for us
Where's the news?
News In Brief
What to look for in the next president. A presidential scholar's checklist for effective White House leadership
The soldier
``I'm the kind of person who...''
India loses key mediator on Sri Lanka. Tamil leader's death could cut Gandhi's link to militants
Fragonard: rococo a Renoir could love
Australia parties its way to self-knowledge
Snowbound with Whittier
You can't find it in a Turkish-English/English-Turkish dictionary
Cooperation in space
A world-class diploma. Two-year course prepares students for universities
A fictional diary spoofs a British civil servant's hold on power
Branch Rickey's courage, foresight in integrating baseball recalled
Bush: most impressive r'esum'e ever for the presidency
Unrest hardens Arab, Israeli extremists. Political stalemate mirrors Israeli public's split on Palestinian issue
Bringing back the forests to Haiti. Nation steps up effort to reverse man-made ecological disaster
New Year's resolutions for a new century - and beyond