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Monitor Archive for December 2, 1987

The US needs a federal energy policy
Marriage -- resolving the conflicts
Stepping on the dollar
Indiana may have `right stuff' to defend college basketball crown
Beyond pasta and pizza. Americans are developing a taste for the varied regional foods of nothern Italy
Fresh air for the imagination. An assortment of recent anthologies offers something for everybody to read
Tuning in to new possibilities. Fast changing channels. The future of the news. Part 3
Making fathers accountable for children born to unwed teens. Most men can pay child support, study shows
Atlanta siege a harder case to crack. `Handful of radicals' said to block solution to Cuban detainee impasse
Time running out, so now or never? [ zee page head is: Now or never, say Soviet backers of reform ]
Changes in Soviet military doctrine make INF pact desirable
W. Europe plans for loss of US missiles. ON EVE OF WASHINGTON SUMMIT
New-era union leader reaches out to young workers
The Arctic coastal plain and humanity's debt to nature
Arms control in historical perspective
Duarte moves pose crucial test for Salvador's system
You can't get something for nothing, welfare study shows. Defunct Chicago program tried to make do with just $130 a person
Japan: dollar slide tied to US living beyond its means
Woodsman, don't necessarily spare that tree
Mike & Tom (& friend)
Dragging Russia into the modern era. As the Gorbachev-Reagan summit nears, the Monitor begins a series on the Soviet leader's plans for radical refo...
Strategic arms overtake INF as key summit issue. But administration hard-liners warn Reagan not to go too fast
Traveling the Southern Coast: Cornwall
France and Iran: on-off ties seem on again. But French allies and analysts worry `thaw' could be Iranian trap
Drottningholm Court Theater. A little Mozart among friends
Vietnam's campus comeback
The Gorby Show
Economic makeover gives Jamaica new appeal to investors
A merry Broadway run for performance-art magicians Penn and Teller
News In Brief
The new rules of the gold game