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Monitor Archive for December 17, 1987

L.A. art fair may rival Paris, Basel. Second outing brings better organization, more visitors
Nicaragua's internal dialogue stalls over opposition call for reforms. Managua says demands coincide with US plans to topple Nicaraguan government
ASEAN at 20
Soviet-style reform: first step is the hardest. EAST-BLOC DILEMMA
A week later
Mother Church honored for feeding the hungry. COMMUNITY SERVICE
Deadly cheer
Let's clear the air - aloft
Argentina, sagging under foreign debt, gropes for a way out
US and Soviets agree to disagree once again on `star wars'. Little evidence seen that issue can be finessed at next summit
`Last Emperor' an international film. Chinese government cooperated, opening Forbidden City to Western cameras
Political activists say Iowa is not fertile soil for Hart comeback
Falwell-Flynt defamation: an offensive label, but not libel
Rose Bowl offers Spartan-Trojan rematch; picking a champion
US warns South Korea to lift import barriers. From insurance to beef, firms say they are frozen out
Poor losing out as housing plan flops
Japanese overseas volunteer is bullish on aid projects
Big cities are losing the poverty battle. Homeless often find only lines, waiting lists, mayors report
Waiting in Berlin
Lebanese irony: how economic woes aid Shiite radicals' fortunes. Iran's generous funding is helping Hizbullah buy popularity among Lebanese Muslims....
Two verses of `Storm Family's Anthem,' from `The Death of Cock Robin'
$53.9 million for a Van Gogh; will museums survive?
Christmas-card people
VA's Cabinet status is slow in coming. VETS IN THE WHITE HOUSE
Things that go beep before 'night-'night
Thugs and threats
Roh: military past
WHEN TWO ARTS INTERACT: Poet W.D. Snodgrass, artist DeLoss McGraw
THE MAJESTIC `TAJ'. Even a hardened traveler is stunned by India's world-famous landmark
Speaking out for ethics
In time for Campaign '88, a readable reference book on politics
A crime reporter with taste - and an eye for detail
Heifetz: the violinist whose very name equaled excellence
Affirming US-Italian links
Christmas in Bethlehem
India's ex-royalty still draws crowds - and votes
`Do it, don't view it'. Shari Lewis's new video stimulates children to play actively
Asia bows to US pressure for crackdown on copyright pirates
News In Brief
High court nominee apparently home free. Liberal senators sing Judge Kennedy's praises