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Monitor Archive for December 16, 1987

A connoisseur argues for art as a form of life
How to take Hart
Vanishing act
Of pinatas and pesos
Symbolic voyages
News In Brief
AROUND THE WORLD IN A HUNDRED YEARS. In pictures and words, the National Geographic has taken armchair explorers on a century-long expedition from t...
Helping the poor get out of the bread line
Credit cards: 'tis the season for sorting out complexities
They spin, they chop, they mince, they bake. Practical holiday gifts for the modern kitchen
Joint effort against an old foe is pushed in US, USSR. ALLIES AGAINST ALCOHOL
Lebanese stagger under weight of economic ruin. From food to school fees, life grows increasingly unaffordable
Wright is right
A tapestry of words sets Louvre's art in context
O Tannenbaum
Military policymakers and their war games
US banks distance themselves from debtor nations. THIRD-WORLD LOANS
Reagan's dream
Hart: Ideas need a champion. Former candidate says he's back to push agenda, but others point to money factor
Israel's Sharon sparks controversy in Jerusalem. Minister's publicized move into city's Muslim quarter could damage fragile coexistence among Muslim...
How far and fast is change in the Soviet Union likely to go? After five-year absence, reporter glimpses newness amid much that is the same. MOSCOW R...
Mexico takes strong steps to boost economy. Devaluation part of broader plan
Red-winged blackbird/fast-foods parking lot
VW's three-wheel hybrid could be more than a creative test car
Where does the buck stop?
Game that gave the title-holder a good hold
Romania cold-shoulders Soviet-style reform
Soviet economic plan looks to be too hopeful
Asian leaders intensify efforts for a nuclear-weapon-free zone
Governors confer on US, Mexico border. They rally around joint economic development, but sidestep drugs
Rags to respectability (and better?) for Colts; resurgent Seahawks
Coming down from the summit
Cast-album import reveals `Phantom's' pleasing score
Hart must race to meet filing deadlines
A black South African looks at `Cry Freedom'
Clark Tippet's new ballet proves popular. Romantic work inspired by Bruch violin concerto