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Monitor Archive for December 14, 1987

Airing complaints
Hawaii's upscale strategy aims at big spenders
Chinese horseback riders vie in European-style jumping contest
Report of Pakistani uranium-enrichment plant
War toys: the battle continues. Plastic arsenals still abound, as do opinions about their dangers
Promising Wilson drama haunted by a ghostly flaw. Pulitzer winner's new play traces black life in '30s
On behalf of the one-room apartment
Mixed reviews from Soviet bloc. Most applaud Gorbachev's diplomatic triumph, but internal problems dampen enthusiasm
Ballistic missile club is losing exclusive status. AFTER THE SUMMIT
Senate votes aid to Pakistan despite nuclear-weapons fears
NOW out to stop Kennedy
News In Brief
Japan's dubious campaign to `research' whales
This year, no war toys ruckus ... and no big favorite, either. CHRISTMAS TOYS
Bazaar behavior
Long shadow of S. Korea's military. Army denies it will meddle in vote, though temptations exist
From S&P, some G&C (gladness and cheer) on '88 stock market
Arthur Miller sums up his world and his work
UN council to consider next step on Gulf peace
Rallying voters in S. Korea. Casts of millions show up for final weekend campaigning, which passes in relative peace
Exporters' prospects go up as dollar falls
Court nominee Kennedy will face probing questions
On newspaper balance and writer-to-writer give-and-take
House passes bill to monitor child labor overseas
Cramping the marketplace
For holiday toy buyers, some safety tips from a federal watchdog
Miami Opera gives Rossini work its first US performance. Composer's call for vocal acrobatics puts today's singers on the spot
Pluralism in Soviet bloc stands better chance - this time around
The police reporter at the garden party
Delays and chaos mar key elections in Nigeria
Jury in Deaver perjury trial to study transcripts of 58 witnesses. GOVERNMENT ETHICS
Kollwitz gave modern form to humanity's most essential qualities
Life on the hemline, or why I'm glad short skirts are back
Curtain up on Act III
In search of `public intellectuals'. A growing number of writers and critics looking at the American scholarly landscape see few signs of a new gene...
The battle for southern Africa
Expanded process of dialogue is key legacy of summit. SUMMIT AFTERGLOW
Lessons from the movies
Diplomats rap timing of US jet delivery to Honduras
Family-to-family sharing program. The Box Project pairs `helper' families with needy in rural Mississippi