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Monitor Archive for December 10, 1987

News In Brief
Italy: searching for direction
Moscow and the Afghans
Report calls for ending segregated schooling for the handicapped
Fine `Foxfire' drama outshines `Masterpiece Theatre'
Chile cuts $2.3 billion of red ink by turning debt into investment
Fetal rights - ruling from the family, not the court
Soviet press warms to United States. THE VIEW FROM MOSCOW
Hemmings sees bright future for L.A. opera. Engaging `Tristan' from daring young company. Unencumbered by tradition, L.A.'s year-old resident opera...
Boston schools: from one magnet to many
Panama opposition tries new tack in anti-Noriega campaign. But government's intimidation limits impact
Giving Gorbachev his due on INF
Heeding South African blacks
Waging war with a pen - a history of cartoons against Hitler
Capture of rebel leader eases security concerns in the Philippines
He not-so-subtly urges Senate to approve treaty. The Soviet `great communicator'
Black Southern politicians seek united front for Super Tuesday
Gators, other 6-5 teams crawl into bowls; Brown's Heisman edge
Wooing US trade is part of Soviet reform agenda. The Soviet `great communicator'
NATO after the new missile agreement
An American Odyssey. Roaming the West, writer finds living `repositories of national myth'
French play price-is-right guessing game over hostages with Iran
Even sets got applause opening night. Engaging `Tristan' from daring young company. Unencumbered by tradition, L.A.'s year-old resident opera is mak...
A street-level sampling of S. Korean voters. Informal poll shows the three leading candidates neck and neck
Seoul election: free and fair
Francis Hayman's supper-box paintings at Vauxhall
Rising above turbulence
US dilemma: to build or not to build new factories?
Burma at crossroads: culture thrives, but political system wavers. Years of isolation and socialism have taken a toll on people and economy
Volunteer visitors keep a watchful eye on British prison system
Give UNESCO another chance
Redwoods on Wall Street?