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Monitor Archive for November 9, 1987

Influence in Washington shifts to Capitol Hill
Nation's health depends more on social than medical factors
Toymakers hope last year's hot sellers can rescue this year's profits
Countdown begins to remove US military bases from Spain
Vietnam weighs `capitalist' cure for farm woes. Poor harvests make leaders more open to offering farmers incentives
Slicing away at State
As he takes helm, Japan's new premier indicates he's holding to Nakasone course
A man who will not be silent
Relief greets unexpectedly smooth changing of the guard in Tunisia
Martha Graham's bid for congressional funds raises curtain on arts controversy. Was it really necessary to circumvent NEA's peer review process? cri...
Athens calls down the wrath of Brussels
White House holds criticism on Ortega's peace moves
Divided, but still a family. Joint custody can work - if divorced parents can agree on how it should work
School reform in Britain. Thatcher blackboard agenda lists major changes
Slumping retailers need a merry Christmas
Smaller museum finds special niche. Arkansas Arts Center's unusual world-class drawings collection wins it much-deserved acclaim
Federal Reserve shift generates more money, and brightens outlook
Minorities and education
Strong lobbying marks UN's Afghan debate
More powers for banks may be on hold, but boost in savings gives some solace
Foreign affairs: a budget pariah
Nicaragua removes major stumbling block to region's peace process. Ortega's decision for indirect negotiations wins warm praise
A Berio sampler
Rescue and restore: the battle cry of preservationists. US and global organizations converge on Washington
A talk with Luciano Berio. Italian composer turns musical pastiche into art
Festival helps Belfast forget its `Troubles'
Super grid season from out of the blue for Syracuse's Orangemen. After poor '86 campaign, return to football glory was unexpected
Haig girds for presidential combat
Untitled poem from a South African writer in exile
Round three on high court choice. Nominations show lack of unity in White House
`Star wars' edges closer to deployment. Defense against ballistic missiles is entering a crucial phase, with US programs underway in six key areas....
Qaddafi linked to IRA arms shipment. French, British, and Irish intelligence points finger at Libyan leader
Soaring with humility
When El Nino blows, Florida resorts shiver. Weather shift causes economic tumult
Dry autumn aggravates forest fires in the South
In a child's best interest: how one agency works with divorcing families