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Monitor Archive for November 30, 1987

Britain's Conservative secretary of education has radical plans
Family visits: an issue for US-Soviet summit
Nervous Arabs voice doubts on US Gulf policy. Gulf Arabs are questioning whether US naval presence really can deter Iran. Tiny Kuwait feels especial...
Every Drop Counts. Pure water is at a premium for families in the mountains of eastern Kentucky
Do Beirut hostage releases hint at shift in kidnappers' aims? Some groups may settle for cash, but hard-line Jihad said to be less flexible
Gauges that conflict on deficit make it hard to assess the trims
Reference books that entertain
Delegate leaders to Democratic convention say they're undecided
The art of selling a $53.9 million Van Gogh. Also, Guggenheim marks its 50th with spectacular exhibitions
Schroeder sees void in campaign discussion of family issues
Satire on KGB spymaster echoes `Screwtape'
Israel and EC dispute rights of Palestinian farmers. Europeans pressure Israel to allow Gaza West Bank, to export produce directly
New pictorial books shed light on Brancusi and Giacometti
Progress on prison sieges as Cubans mull US offer. LOUISIANA HOSTAGES FREE
Small brokerages see a chance to grow
The great Wall Street communications brownout
The baked lipstick and split bowling ball tests
INF treaty is not a Soviet trick, US scholars say
Letting the air out of Wall Street's balloon
NETWORK DIFFICULTIES. Fast changing channels. The Future of TV News. Part 1
Street cleaning
New Orleans to add aquarium to French Quarter attractions
Massacre in Zimbabwe: rebels try to exploit woes of landless poor
Ex-librarian invades male bastion to coach college football kickers
Gore hopes hawkish words with a Southern drawl bring victory
Love, the great enricher
Violence derails Haiti elections
Palladio. An art historian looks at the architect through his writings and his buildings
On the trail of Squirrel Nutkin. If there's a bit of Peter Rabbit in your soul, be sure to visit London's Tate Gallery. Here, brought together from...
Consumers Union: going beyond the `best buy'