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Monitor Archive for November 25, 1987

Cautious reformer in top China post. Will acting premier take the strong steps needed to keep up the momentum of economic reforms?
Not all cranberries
Shaking Salvador's political equation. As left-wing rebel leaders gingerly test their wings in El Salvador, the extreme right wing is finding that i...
Redeeming soda cans and homeless in N.Y.C.
A better Thanksgiving
Working for a Soviet newspaper in the Stalinist era. US journalist remembers time as a staff member of Moscow News
Cuban detainees wary of US pledge to review cases. PRISON UPRISINGS
One family's fast highlights world hunger
Reflections on Thanksgiving
America's heroic West in the artist's eye
Turkey's Ozal forges ahead with privatization
Special thanks
Canadian Parliament moves to snuff out tobacco advertising
Mastering form with color. All the stern self-knowledge, the risk-taking and awareness, of the early work is assumed by these sometimes childlike pi...
Nuclear power: pros and cons
Private firms form core of `star wars' research team
Too many year-end tax tricks could be tax traps
Bangladesh crackdown aimed at breaking strike
The rest is history
`Soviet Barbara Walters' thrusting her mike at Americans
News In Brief
The crystal jazz of Ellis Larkins
Canada's Expo fair site headed for a new look. Keen competition expected for rights to develop fairground properties
The Met's new `Il Trovatore' gets a chilly reception. Maybe Verdi's dark opera is at least partly to blame
Cubans: case by case
O'Keeffe and the pull of the Southwest. The National Gallery of Art makes a case for her greatness and influence
Pilgrim landing at Plymouth
NASA finds better way to spot carbon pollution in air. New method helps show how much pollution is man-made
When does a good man go?
California gets more reminders of quake potential. Experts say temblors that hit the lower Imperial Valley and Mexicali, Mexico, don't mean more are...
Over an open fire. At Randall's, authentic 18th-century fare means extraordinary hearth-cooked meals
Seeing through criticism
Scotts is Australia's gift to the NFL; Saints in first-ever title bid
Women in Nigeria press for better status. Activists work to help women run for office in local elections
UN official stirs debate with claim of Afghan rights gains