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Monitor Archive for November 24, 1987

Reverberations of the fall of Boris Yeltsin
Saving the stones of Rome. Conservators `consolidate' crumbling old monuments
Finding $2.6 billion in domestic trims. Be it legislative compromise or Gramm-Rudman, budget cuts are expected in social, mass-transit, and communit...
After the deficit accord
L.A. lawyers sue to get more judges on the bench. COURT OVERCROWDING
Holy Cross's versatile Lockbaum a football star for all reasons
In defense of Howard Baker
Sri Lanka cease-fire is short-lived. Indian offensive set to resume after Tamil refusal to surrender
Chile trade zone turns small town into booming city
Gov. Mecham won't ask for vote of confidence
Justice is no calamity
The squeaky lion
For sale: a Reagan Bush
Going your way
Crystal covers for Imperial columns?
Ransoming resources
Italian travels of a classicist with an eye for the absurd
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Seeing giant celestial arcs - or only cosmic mirages
Violence from right and left polarizes Philippine public opinion
Dissent threatens to split counterculture Greens Party. WEST GERMAN PARTY ON ROPES
Plight of Sudan's `displaced' people: `illegal residents' in their own land
The immigrant
Pressure boils in Cuban camps. Afraid to return home but unwanted in US, Cuban detainees are stuck in a frustrating legal limbo
Questions raised by stock market's slide yield few certain answers
Indoor blooms can brighten a winter household
The original reason for gratitude
Saving the stones of Rome. Plastic gets a bad rap as a coating for ancient arches
Giving thanks in Galilee
Make way for pumpkins. Tiny Jack-be-Littles take the country by storm
Congress should try to fix the deficit left by the deficit fixers
Tourism on the upswing in Harlem. Europeans, Asians among those interested in area's culture
Deportation case tests impact of nonviolent protest in Israel
Freedom of speech. Schools are at the center of a conflict over parents' rights to restrict what their children hear
Cabaret singer with a velvet voice venturing into film. Karen Akers, sophisticated vocalist, is about to be seen in her third picture