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Monitor Archive for November 23, 1987

Mariel `excludables' to be sent home
Auditioning for the Supreme Court
A winter reverie
Senate welcomes Carlucci as US defense chief
If it moves, then it's dance. `DANCE UMBRELLAS'
Protecting the innocents
Women legislators see their influence grow in state policymaking. Their efforts pushed family issues to the fore
West Germany gives thumbs up to US deficit-reduction plan
For parents: Can one of you afford to stay home?
The Science of the Scriptures
Far from fanfare, Orthodox faith seeks unity
Emerson Quartet gives Harbison work its world premi`ere
West Germany calling its terrorists in from the cold
Van Gogh: oracle of color
Life aboard the Mayflower. Modern-day interpreters give visitors a taste of the Pilgrims' voyage
The superconducting supercollider: a collision course
Actors dramatize the difficult voyage of America's first colonists
`Dear Vietnamese relative living abroad: please send cash'. Vietnamese officials try new way of bringing in foreign exchange
Baseball relief aces have been around for more than a half century. Cy Young Award to Bedrosian recalls former bullpen stars
`Devaluation Waltz' with the dollar has partners out of step
Mexico's shrinking peso
Iran and the Shah: most of US press failed to tell it like it was
Many new - and needed - stock offerings wither on the vine after market plunge
Last US television maker races to keep up with Japan
Literacy program taps college students as tutors
ABM deal won't slow '88 SDI tests. Reagan-Congress compromise just delays `broad interpretation' issue
Broadway joins age of high-tech sound. Don't look for the orchestra at `Starlight Express' - it's on the fourth floor
`Half Light': Is it `real life' or video? Multimedia exhibition explores two and three dimensions
Picasso show reveals how Cubism took shape. Also, pastels display unknown side of Prendergast's work
Baptist factions struggle over church direction. Moderates are gaining ground in Southern Baptist state conventions. But fundamentalists still occup...
Republican race is Bush's to lose, but danger lurks in midwest