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Monitor Archive for November 20, 1987

Tailgating rivals football when Harvard meets Yale in The Game
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Playing at war where East meets West
Pilot demand making airlines less choosy, aviation observers say
Baseball at Magoun's swamp
Losing ground
For Fiat's chief, it was war on the factory floor. BLOODSHED AND RED INK
Guarding our mental home
Have baby, will jog: one father tests another's invention
Malaysia and US slipping and sliding over palm oil exports
Democrats wonder if Cuomo `doth protest too much'
When the going gets tough, the satirists get going
Soviet inspection highlights progress on chemical weapons
Moscow Ballet winning hearty applause in US cities. Touring company draws on talent from across Soviet Union
Whoopi Goldberg's (and others') misused talents. `Fatal Beauty' another case of black superstar neglect
Those glorious Victorians. Gaudy, whimsical, and thoroughly charming, `painted ladies' are making a comeback
No Gorbachev interview for CBS
Progress on Afghanistan is possible, US official says. But, he adds, the Kremlin has yet to back up its words of withdrawal with concrete deeds
The chairman and the senator
`Some mistakes'
News In Brief
Drug barons' tentacles run deep in Colombian society
Thai farmers like being buffaloed by this bank. Buffalo loans help double rural incomes
The Soviet hand in Poland
School science - a shortage of teachers or training? Many teachers lack strong background in subject specialty
Mexico's economic future up in air. Move to drop peso signals government revising policy
School science - a shortage of teachers or training? Programs change executives and engineers into classroom teachers
Reagan: compromise at home for gains abroad
Safety of London subway questioned in wake of fire
More - or less - government?
White House calls Iran-contra findings `subjective opinions'
Director recalls Penn Warren novel's latest route to stage
Hosting the Gorbachevs
Bhopal victims skeptical of legal wrangling. Three years after leak, compensation issue seems far from resolved
Musical about Teddy Roosevelt takes its beat from Sousa tunes
The bottom line on state bond issues: decades of debt for taxpayers