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Monitor Archive for November 2, 1987

Polar bears have solar hairs. And that could be good news for homeowners and the military. ANIMAL SCIENCE
A storyteller in clay. Indian figurines spring from a forgotten tradition
Warm currents give a lift to wobbly investor confidence
The role of rhetoric in the controversy over Bork
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Hartford Stage's `Hamlet' is paint-by-number Shakespeare
Watercolorists' days of `no respect' may be ending. Demuth exhibition, charming and impressive, should win new appreciation for the medium
Rule-of-law campaign promises to open up Vietnam's bamboo gulag. Detention in `reeducation' camps violates new policy
City by the Bay seeks heir to Feinstein. FAMILIAR FACES IN MAYORAL RACES
Maine Yankee power plant's future rests in the hands of voters
How well is the Fed using monetary tools to avert recession?
Ginsburg: Reagan tries again
Nuclear industry digs in its heels. Nuclear power was in trouble long before Chernobyl. Dozens of US nuclear projects have been scuttled, and public...
A school designed to absorb future shock
Brokers decry markets as a `bad joke'
Bankrolling the contras is not the answer
A no-nonsense history of a fantastic project: the Panama Canal
Tour of the Mediterranean with a persuasive host
US views Soviets' latest arms proposal. Though disappointed, officials welcome Soviet readiness to haggle
A map you don't have to fold. Computer navigation may be next international high-tech battle
Vietnam struggles to become country of laws - not edicts
The drummaker's art spans generations
`Get understanding'
Miami's mayoral rematch pits contrasting styles of Ferre, Suarez
Both sides will get half a loaf at the summit. The US and the Soviet Union both had to trim back expectations for the summit. But the meeting, with...
Everything is peachy for Chi Chi on pro golf's senior circuit
Extra! extra! ... and less
With the contras to the ends of the earth
Farming Argentina's pampas - by boat. Some of Argentina's most productive farm lands are under water. The flooding, primarily due to damaging enviro...
They took a low land to new highs. An exhibition of Dutch landscape paintings at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum reveals one of art history's most intriguin...
Four panels and a punch line: Wasserman's political cartoons
China's Deng orchestrates succession. Sweep of conservative leaders paves way for deeper reforms
The widening alley
Mayor choices frustrate many in Philadelphia