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Monitor Archive for October 7, 1987

Trend-setting Berkeley takes action on behalf of Earth's ozone layer. Council bans food containers made of chlorofluorocarbons
No Korchnoi complaint in interzonals
Former secretary of state calls War Powers act `unenforceable'. Gulf resurrects issue, but constitutional test is unlikely, Rogers says
Satire that sings the universal
American REGIONAL FOOD. SOUTH ATLANTIC REGION. An old-fashioned chicken stew. In this part of the country, you need a crowd and a caldron to get it...
Fuller brushes up its sales strategy
Depending on someone too much?
Lessons from L.A. quake. New data are causing geologists to reevaluate current forecasts of earthquake frequency. But the likelihood of another `gre...
Getting behind the `Veil' - questions of press responsibility
Ten essays look at Scoop Jackson's national-security battles
Communist China's Confucius connection
`The Lighted Field': no story, but moments of visual splendor
How `sectarian' is the Irish conflict? Lessons from a rifle battalion of the American Revolution
The Speaker recalls: political tales from the professional pol
Good mutual fund records will keep you and the IRS happy
Regional power-sharing plan gets second wind in South Africa
CLAY AND CLOTH, TISSUE AND TIN. From simple materials comes the folk art of 100-some countries, in displays that bring a touch of theater to a Santa...
Chagall losing `French artist' tag. Exhibition in Moscow shows he is thought of as a thoroughly Russian painter
Sinatra back to back
Chinese tighten grip in Tibet. Peking, in quick show of force, rounds up large number of monks
West Point's job
Zimbabwe's opposition leader sees bitter lessons for his country
Salvador rebel-government peace talks end with some gain. Despite differences, both sides agreed to cease-fire commission
Blurring the US foreign policy role
Taiwan and China