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Monitor Archive for October 22, 1987

Early vote on Bork
White House struggles with leadership drift
Uncovering details of the Iran-contra covert operations lobby
Lands lost. Navajo exile in the Arizona desert
One way or another, stock market touches everyone
Europe's small investors spooked by stock-market drop. `Popular capitalism' loses popularity in Britain
Gandhi visit helps to deepen India's ties with the US. West has technology that nation needs, according to US officials
Bork friend explains why he did not testify
A father gets his daughter out of Vietnam, many others take heart. Despite revival of `orderly departure program,' hurdles remain high
Bronson Alcott's other daughter. Overshadowed by her famous sister, Abigail May was talented, too
Japan to use US F-16 as its future fighter plane. But Tokyo will use only basic design, wholly modified at home
Market swings worry investors
Acceptable words
`The melancholy chapter of Tibet'
Stamped with value
Call her Chachi - rate her a pioneer. Odaline de la Mart'inez in demand as conductor
Homelands in turmoil: Navajo-Hopi feud keeps on growing
Self-effacing Willie McGee is key factor for Cardinals in Series
Silence framed our homeland
Nobel prize winner criticizes Reagan's economic policies
Fun for nimble heads and hands
Money is the root-te-toot of all evil
Freedom from sexual abuse
Market plunge sets Gold Eagle off on wild birthday flight
`Nixon in China' opening gives a lift to Houston
US and Canadian jets intercept Soviet planes
Program trading looks at prices, not investment fundamentals
Turbulence and stability
Gulf dilemmas
Workers with alcohol, drug problems getting help, not pink slips