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Monitor Archive for October 20, 1987

Surprising Twins have Cards on ropes as Series shifts to St. Louis
Indian carver carries on ancient tradition. His dolls, symbols of Hopi and Tewa culture, are hot collectibles
Britain mops up after desvastating storm. Country gets back on feet after heavy winds, rain leave trail of destruction
Rest of world plays baseball too; Smalley's appearance fulfills family dream
Rust's plane on new `peace flight'
Time for coordinated action
War's refugees engulf Sri Lanka. THOUSANDS FLEEING
God's creatures
Gulf attack mutes War Powers talk. Members of Congress, though in disagreement on American policy in the Gulf region, overwhelmingly supported Monda...
Pacific art
Years & years
Democratic leaders must come to the rescue
Dramatizing the plight of W. African wildlife. Nations' steps to combat drought spur action to preserve natural habitats
Europe finally finds MBAs are assets, and its schools are booming
US shouldn't turn bashful just as Moscow exhibits new global charm
PBS documentary recalls era of film industry blacklisting
Hearts change in South African wilderness
Trickle-down fashion. As designs move from the runways to the retail racks, exaggerated shapes and details are picked up and pared down into styles...
Climate improving for return of abducted American children
Tamil refugee refrain: `India no longer wants to help'
The Carlyle home: haven for a writer. In search of peace and quiet, he retreated to `sound-proof' attic
France's Ballet du Nord visiting American `sources'
The anthropologist's eye
Discovering nuggets of America's civil engineering history
Western Europe expected US retaliation
Freedom in the third world and US security
B-schools, like business, find it's time to think in global terms. Understanding the political, social, and ecological implications
Europe gears up for bargaining on taxes, subsidies. EC members aim to bring budget under control
Letters from Tahiti: Life on the island
For Cambodians, trek's end is just a start
US naval attack: Will retaliation lead to escalation? The US retaliation against Iran has muted congressional debate over the War Powers Resolution,...