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Monitor Archive for October 2, 1987

Extra! Extra! Nicaragua opposition paper is back
Congregate housing. It offers independent living at an affordable price - and is rapidly becoming a popular choice for senior citizens
Chuck Berry's fierce individualism, explosive talent caught in portrait film
Glass as art: lessons for would-be collectors of contemporary work
W. Europe's communists running out of steam
Labour goes back to work
Adventures to remember
Oatmeal-raisin cookies make private-eye series palatable
Tears in politics
Finding patterns in paintings
The linguist speaks out. Noam Chomsky's essays
All the news the party wants. Glasnost and the official press
Britain's Labourites: soul searching for a broader electoral appeal
Critics in the know blast journalist's book. Experts see flaws in Woodward methods
Tip O'Neill made running for political office look deceptively easy
A bigger Russian book bag. Glasnost and the Moscow Book Fair
Throw out that tent dress: large-size chic is here to stay
Critics in the know blast journalist's book. CIA agents angry at Casey, revelations. BEHIND `THE VEIL'
Gorbachev as a corporate reorganizer of USSR Inc. Glasnost and the CEO
Nuclear arms technology continues to spread quietly. Growing number of `threshold nations' have latent capabilities
Living to glorify God
Of tapes and truth
Japanese royal visit nourishes US ties
Scant optimism for Salvador talks. As meeting nears, Duarte and rebels still far apart
Winds of reform rustle through Prague. But leaders still wary of Gorbachev's calls for change
Magnet `school of choice' system. Prince George's parents say, `Please bus my child'
Fighting flares anew on long-tense India-Pakistan border
New Corvette hopes to muscle into super-car class
On artists and state censors. Editor's essay
Still growing
Little `openness' for Soviets in West. Glasnost and 'emigr'e writers
Barefoot boy with fishing license
Canadian Football League thrown for losses, but keeps on kicking
Robertson's bid taken seriously. Still a dark horse for GOP crown, but experts say he's a force to be reckoned with in the party even beyond 1988