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Monitor Archive for October 14, 1987

Stamps by phone
New brand of resistance to Israeli occupation. Role of Islamic Jihad rises on West Bank
A sleepy Chinese village bustles with change. There have been dramatic changes in the Chinese countryside in recent years. Viewing them firsthand, M...
UN votes on Cambodia as hopes for peace rise. Vietnam-backed regime and rebel coalition to begin informal contacts
William Shakespeare
Of essences, ideas - and quibbles. In language and logic the 20th-century philosophers Voegelin and Quine show a certain community of interest, an o...
Trying to see the upside of falling leaves
MUSSEL BEACH PARTY. Collectors brave Oregon coast storm in search of the elusive mussel
Reconstruction controversy marks Salvador quake anniversary
Medicine: laughter and `Shuffle Off to Buffalo'
Plant closure notice means lost jobs
New season, old troubles at the Met Opera
Choice art from Africa - handsome, fascinating
Elusive peace in Sri Lanka
D.H. Lawrence's letters: fresh impressions behind the scenes
`Folly,' say anti-handgun leaders. NRA-backed statute makes it easier to buy, carry firearms. FLORIDA'S NEW GUN LAW
Nobel prize boosts Arias peace plan
When it comes to breakfast, Marion Cunningham remembers. The author advocates a wide array of dishes - including pie and puddings - for the morning...
Webster's CIA
Korea builds export boom with parts made in Japan
San Diego - one of America's hot theater towns
Gerard Manley Hopkins
William Wordsworth
Disunity dogs Korea opposition. Despite turmoil, constitutional amendments pave way for election by end of year. SOUTH KOREA ELECTIONS
Buying Uncle Sam's paper. Treasury Direct takes hassle out of buying T-bills
A Stoner family tradition: gingersnaps with plenty of snap. Or - how long can cookie dough be left in the refrigerator?
The Sonnet
Sudan's rebel leader signals flexibility in pursuit of peace talks
Luolin's modern heartbeat - entrepreneur Li Shiji
Safe while driving
The two faces of Finland. It smiles to the East, while enjoying life as a prosperous democracy