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Monitor Archive for January 6, 1987

Mixed goals weaken partnership in space
Ford, VW team up to lead the auto industry in South America. Companies will link 15 plants in Brazilian joint venture
Washington's seven Herculean budget tasks
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
This roof doesn't leak anymore. Tampa women's group helps poor, elderly homeowners shore up their sagging dwellings with practical know-how
Searching for Fidel Castro's political identity
`Society on the move' has far to go
Renaissance in Trinidad and Tobago politics
French strike deals heavy blow to Chirac
Women progress slowly in heading unions. Yet change is taking place with grass-roots organizations
John Masefield looks landward
Soviet, Afghan leaders increase push for resolution of conflict. Soviets hope Kabul can lure tribal groups and royalists into coalition
A generous harvest of '87 seed catalogs
Aransas: refuge for `whoopers' and bird watchers
The presidency: a columnist glances behind and ahead
Diesels in train crash said to ignore signal. Data recorders may reveal causes of worst Amtrak accident
West Germans differ on potential for serious US-EC trade war
Fiesta drama turns thoughts to title game
China and Russia - different paths
Softer tack on jazz?
Democrats in position to test Reagan. Iran-contra scandal, control of Congress create leverage
Israel's `self-made' woes. Israel's leaders have traditionally valued daring and an ability to deliver - even if it meant breaking rules. Critics sa...
Blues discs from '40s and '50s reissued - with excellent sound
Manila tremblings
Conflicting Prague anniversaries. Leader Husak and dissident group to celebrate this week
Hinting a universe
Acting jobs for minorities: equality found elusive, despite gains. Hiring practices discussed by a range of professionals
Officials say Puerto Rican hotel fire was set, seek more clues. No evidence of bombs or other incendiary devices found so far
Pictures of the world's wonder
For some, French ski vacation goes downhill
Back to the budget
The town that moved
Is there a way out of anxieties?
How a manager bows to individuals in Japanese team effort
Suit over stock sale jars two prominent New Orleans families