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Monitor Archive for January 28, 1987

Gauging the impact of advertising
Japan industrialists face tough choices. Feel pressured by high yen, growing protectionist threat
A year after Challenger
Actress Tess Harper welcomes today's meatier roles for women
GATT settling down to liberalize trade
Bringing the third world to America. Groups stress that global development is in US's interest
Eric Sevareid on US future. Veteran newsman warns of `fragmentation' in US
Some tips on tailoring life insurance so it's neither over nor under
Why Tambo is qualified to take ANC case to US
World space powers emerge from 1986 slump. Plans for space station, launch demands could boost West Europe space agency
Loving God? Or fearing evil?
Bayeux tapestry
French cooking - `a generous thing'. Roger Verg'e, famed chef and restaurateur, shares his philosophy for entertaining with effortless elegance
As water level rises in Great Lakes, so does concern and attention. With the Great Lakes rising and limited funds available to protect shorelines, m...
Art center song
An ordinary celebrity
A mode of dance that comments on other dance
`No exceptions' to embargo on arms to Iran, Shultz testifies
Hopkins stars in Spartan staging of `King Lear'
Storyboards and screenplay of the epic film `Ran'
Gorbachev proposes changes that would challenge the elite
US eyes passport restrictions to curb Beirut kidnappings. Americans in Beirut said to jeopardize US interests
Shultz meeting with ANC chief lends validity to S. Africa rebels
Challenge from the right polarizes Salvador. Duarte secure, but may find it hard to rule
GM scraps cookie cutter for 2 compacts
The straight scuttlebutt on Captain Kidd