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Monitor Archive for January 26, 1987

US tightens belt on Africa aid. Cuts come as many nations attempt US-urged reforms
When math skills add up. Project Seed gives minority students a boost
Guerrillas and refugees wage war on their own disunity. The Hazaras: a Persian-speaking people caught between Tehran and Kabul
Court case stymies EC majority voting
On being saved
Preparing for the long burn
The state of marriage in Sweden's welfare state
Why orchestra conductors count. Italy makes room for women on the podium
Guerrillas and refugees wage war on their own disunity. Resistance mounts rare show of unity, vows to fight on
The year since Challenger. Space-lift competition grows
Now that I'm a grandmother
Labeling the Soviet Union
Update on three promising artists. Here Monitor art critic Theodore F. Wolff gives progress reports on three painters, two of whom he has discussed...
Call of the open road. A growing number of Americans are enjoying a wayfaring life on wheels
Fire up the old flame with a retrofitted combustor
Rozelle faces thorny issues during last years of long NFL reign
After year at helm, Ugandan ruler faces war, economic woes. Quelling rebel activity in the north seen as key to rebuilding economy
Historic failure leads to election
W. German vote: Kohl holds the edge. On hostage issue, voters seem to want known leaders at helm
The people at People Express say 'bye to a dream. Hopes of `owner-manager' employees slip as line bows out to mistakes, competition
Intraparty jousts in the 100th Congress. Helms, Aspin victories likely to influence important legislation
Vying for allegiance of Nicaragua's Indians. Contras want to establish eastern front
US scientists eager to see the thrust of Reagan R&D budget
Powerful novel of Moroccan boyhood
A look at two `model' investors who outdo averages
A museum here, a museum there, and pretty soon ...
Smoke signals for tobacco
Beirut hostage toll rises sharply. Spate of abductions traced to 1985 hijack, clandestine cell
Women chefs fight `blatant discrimination'