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Monitor Archive for January 23, 1987

Questions about human rights dog contras' image. US Congress will look for improvements before granting further aid
America's elderly - not as well off as the public thinks
A Super Bowl primer. CBS offers blimp, call-in poll
League rivalries, football's popularity on TV led to Super Bowl
Ecuador President under fire again. Says `no' to Congress' resignation request, could face year of unrest
Change of GOP leaders in state's House
Congress reaffirms commitment to clean water legislation
Manila's troubled peace
West's water use: boon and bane. Farm drainage seen as source of poison in wildlife refuge
The sons of God
Poland's independent college. Catholic University offers students non-Marxist education
Change of pace
Families on television: caricature or social commentary?
Facing a racial reckoning. Georgia town prepares for civil rights march
Senate Democrats take bit in their teeth. New majority hits ground running, as leader Byrd promised
Currency game goes into extra innings after US, Japan meet
A Super Bowl primer. Sunday's key? It's defense vs. defense
Brokers at home in a foreign tongue find built-in edge with ethnic groups
The history and aftermath of US, Soviet nuclear testing
Two rite-of-passage TV dramas explore path to adulthood
Americans and antiques. New York winter show heralds new year for collectors
A Super Bowl primer. City of Pasadena is ready
The night I ran away
Cleanup plan castigated
W. German voters: dullsville looks good. Four more years of Kohl is what they want
Constitutional showdown in France?
Budget reformer says US accounting practice hides bigger deficit
Space program slowly regains momentum