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Monitor Archive for January 22, 1987

Contras under pressure to score on battlefield. Rebel gains seen as vital to further US support, but contra leaders wary of bolder military strategy
Gulf war could yield diplomatic gains for Egypt. Cairo could regain leadership role as Arabs seek shield from Iran
Falling dollar, Act II. If theory holds, US exports are due for a rise
Wooster Group trilogy packs sizzling moments
ringing out innate worth
University poll
Contra leaders: who are they?
Detective spoof brims with laughs. Two preposterous acts provide a catalog of whodunit gimmicks
Broncos can't match Giants' rich history; unique award to Bird
Winter Driving Games. Making an entertainment out of a necessity (at least in part of the world), we suggest a light competitive spirit for the snow...
Filipino Muslim feud could derail Aquino reconciliation plan
Fitting finale to `Dune'
Honda is No. 1 Asian automaker in US
Staying down on the farm. New Hampshire family adapts to keep their `island of farmland' thriving amid urbanization
Two programs show off legendary voices. Jon Vickers as `Otello' and Jessye Norman in Wagnerian role
Top dissident, now free to go abroad: Yugoslavia `faces a choice'
Human factors and safe travel
Reagan aide: black, Republican, and proud of it
Purify stale indoor air with plants
La Mama, now 25, still experimenting
'87 Super Bowl ad budgets return to the brawn of earlier years
Critics say US is easing pressure on Chile for political reform. Speculation that arms caches, assassination attempt alarmed US
Colonizing a continent with convicts: Australia's first 100 years
Serious about fantasy
Learning to say no to drug-using spouses