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Monitor Archive for January 2, 1987

Taint of racism persists. Recent incidents prompt calls for reassessment in US
`Masterpiece Theatre's' masterly new `Mr. Chips'. CBS's bizarre miniseries - `At Mother's Request'
Editor's essay: Change and the West
The US-Britain partnership: Is it a good thing?
A lick and a tear
Electoral choice in China
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Sympathetic portrayal of Poland's fading Jewish community
Choosing between public humiliation and jail
Ready remedies for better readers. Copperman's step-by-step program offers teaching tips for parents
`Privacy and personal freedoms'
Despite government control, Polish unions pack some punch. But though unions are tough on government, they avoid politics
THE IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR: Anatomy of a Quagmire
Why Canada is safer than US. Some reasons: culture, demographics, and gun laws
Walcott serves up a rewarding reversal of servant/master
Southwest vision. Man and desert
Import surge puts heat on Congress. Democrats say huge increase in trade deficit shows need for legislation
Turning election day into a holiday to honor John Kennedy
Millennium Society's hero list inspires confidence in future
Global economy: on course
The Home Forum Competition
`Vermont snow,' scenic splendor to rescue in Colorado Rockies
S. Africa vote could pave way for reform. Early election meant to rally support of conservative whites
W. German city takes unusual tack to fight hazardous waste. L"ubeck to sue W. German states using nearby E. German dump
Winslow's dog, Sam
Third-world debt specialists are worried
F.P.A.: Manhattan erudition with a human face. Admiring the view from `The Conning Tower'
The costumes and music change, but what about the dances?
Classes teach children just how to `say no to drugs'
A kid's-eye view of family life
Amazon Indians mobilize to defend land. Envoys travel to Europe and US seeking limits on development
US-Canada lumber accord will benefit American industry
Battle lines drawn in Brazil land reform
Haitians demand junta removal but have no ready alternative. Opposition abounds but lacks cohesive leadership
Honoring the good in others
Short tales sure to entertain animal and mystery lovers. Plots with well-crafted chaos
Expect superpowers to play it passive in '87
Simon's `Brighton Beach Memoirs' on screen
Can a political memoir really be the inside story?
Mongols get own biography of legendary leader
This architect's home is his laboratory
Hess ad and Holocaust deniers
Analysing the road to US isolation. Twelve `liberal' essayists
Revelations of a China watcher. Interview with John King Fairbank
Jewish women blaze paths to become rabbis
Honest feelings, stories that endure. Heroines for young readers
US trade toughness gets mixed results. Tariff hike could escalate into full-scale trade war with Europe
Foreign investors snap up bargains and gain stability in US markets
Now in paper
New Orleans preservationists battle developers - and economy
Parents battle for children across international borders