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Monitor Archive for January 13, 1987

Iran-deal stain spreads over administration. Details from a secret Senate report on the Iran-contra scandal and other disclosures make it clearer th...
Bitter message from pulpit
City's events in honor of `King Week'
Many active-duty officers in nonmilitary jobs. Service spokesmen say it's a way of using expertise
To R.L.S.
Freedom from covetousness
Britain bewildered at princely decision. Edward opts out of career in Marines, despite royal tradition
Matter of license
A town stands up to organized racism. In 1978 a white-supremacist group calling itself the Aryan Nations set up camp on land near the sleepy little...
The nature lobby moves off the trail and onto Capitol Hill. Rising grass-roots activism and greater clout in Washington have buoyed environmental or...
Israel tough in S. Lebanon. Defense chief cites PLO, Shiite activity as reason
The verdict: back to school. Coming before Judge Jenkins can change people's lives
The US and USSR: forging a workable arms package. A mutually beneficial agreement is still possible in the new year
Cleaning out the Soviet `mafias'. Kremlin whispers suggest that Vladimir Shcherbitsky (right), Ukrainian party boss and Politburo member, will soon...
Pictures of India
Steroids use reaching beyond `pros' to high school students
Saving the printed word. Crumbling library books now a national concern
NASA recovering well, says space agency's administrator
G.K. Chesterton on despots
As strikes subside, French see political costs for Chirac
Political black holes
US bankers see '87 go-ahead for expanding financial services
A visit to King's Atlanta - where `the dream' began
Israeli connection
A Mulroney-Reagan summit
US export curbs on high-tech hurt
Adjustment on the mark
Behind the `redwood curtain'