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Monitor Archive for January 12, 1987

Farm Credit System trying new ways to save shaky loans
Liberal Democrats rush to set legislative priorities on the Hill
Baseball's top free agents discover wild-spending era may be ending
My sister, the pea
Major white-supremacist groups in the US
Turkey's Islam debate comes to a head - literally. New code on headwear symbolizes controversy over rising fundamentalism
Peking boosts attack on Western ideas. Party reported set to expel intellectuals critical of system
Now in paperback
Bats battle bugs - help you, your garden
Family activities that help shake off the midwinter doldrums
It's `stare-down' time between Congress, Reagan on US budget
Racists take violent path. Though hit hard by successful prosecutions for their violent activities in recent years, white supremacist groups persist...
Sculpture with a sense of fun. Oldenburg at Guggenheim; new book on Christo
Wagner's `Ring' on CD: rating the four versions released so far
Russia and China: the young vs. old leaders. Two communist systems - but how different
New extremists exceed `Jim Crowism' of KKK
`Post cards' from 18th-century Venice. Souvenir works helped tourists tell of their travels
What's new in the fast-moving home electronics field
Study sees US students behind in advanced math
Taking a `mooreeffoc' look at today's world
San Juan hotel fire ignites labor concerns. Rumors of union involvement in arson persist despite denials
Gulf war escalation: a prelude to Iran's big `final' offensive? `War of the cities' resumes as fighting rages in southeast Iraq
Awake at 3 a.m.
Once more, with feeling
Building your bats a house of their own
For contractors, a retreat but not a rout in Pentagon spending
Why America's national-security planning process went awry. Military mentality took control when checks and balances failed
I had an appointment with the star
God speaks--are we listening?
Centenary of a venerable sleuth
New heights on Dow make many happy, some anxious
No. 2 K mart joins the bank-where-you-shop trend in retailing
Colombian antidrug plan. Program provides after-school activities for students
Behind the scenes at the new CBS `Morning Show'. Mariette Hartley chats about custom-tailored role as co-host
Light in January
S. Africa's latest curbs reach beyond the press
Israel: refusing to point fingers. Fresh revelations suggest US arms sales to Iran were meant to ransom hostages. Israel denies it originated the id...
Disneyland pioneers a new generation of thrill rides
Any real shrinkage in US deficit requires an increase in taxes
They're Caught between countries. Children of illegal aliens live under a cloud of uncertainty
US House `Class of '86' - experienced, not sure of the answers