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Monitor Archive for September 5, 1986

Perils of covering Afghan war. Tough Soviet line, spy network scare off writers
Now in paper
No PACs backing
Alistair Cooke lectures the experts on clarity and truthfulness
Spy dust-up clouds US-Soviet diplomatic sky
Duarte resists US pressure to devalue Salvador's currency
Superb biography of Eugene O'Neill
A drizzle feels refreshing
Siren song of background music to buy by
Dostoevsky: light on the dark side
Bradford students begin college with a backward look at '60s
Journey into the heart of a radical Arab woman. Novella from Egypt
Leningrad. Day 23
The bicycle
Teaching, teaching, over the bounding main
Shedding light on modern Egypt. From politics to Coptics
Carving a family life out of the rugged stone of the Northeast
Anita Baker carving out big-time career
Black colleges optimistic they can turn ebbing enrollment tide
Quoting S. African ambassador on ANC, risks of power sharing
New books chart economic trends. Current affairs
No barriers to progress
Thoughts of the `rabbi's rabbi'. Synthesizing `the way'
US Open. For players, the allure is some $3.4 million in prize money and a `Grand Slam' title. For fans, it's the tennis -- 23 sessions ending this...
Dust on your artwork? Don't reach for the vacuum cleaner
Portrait of a S. African leader. On the road to apartheid
Argentina plans debt cut, investment spur
Where tourism is out of place. Traveling Africa
The man who was mad about drawing
Mandela's struggle, in his own words. Portrait of a South African martyr
Hospitals can expect rise in medicare aid. But amount of increase is uncertain
Hopes wane that Italian trial will deal fatal blow to Mafia
Grandparents in 1986 provide `extra loving'
Where to train the contras
Sudan's ruler faces key choice in effort to avert starvation
Listening to the third world
Daily life under apartheid
Expo 86 -- a successful venture in an era of world's fair flops
Iran-Iraq war: the US stake
Some books reviewed in the Monitor in August
In exile, writing in Kikuyu. Banned in Kenya