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Monitor Archive for September 4, 1986

World War II Holocaust hero's honor caught up in politics
Astros lifting off; Blue Jays in late bid
US envoy seeks to clear air with allies over Libya. Walters visits European leaders to `consult,' not to demand
Tight Australian budget revives outlook of shaken investors
South Africa: Marshall Plan or sanctions?
A target of black S. African ire. For black city councilman, life means constant threats from young militants -- but he refuses to quit
Love--more powerful than threats of evil
New Greek game preserve may cool clash over hunting
Portrait of Poland today. Two books help illuminate a complex reality
Examining US-supported insurgencies. If they fail, America risks communist expansion and conflict
Rent strike gives blacks in S. Africa a powerful weapon
New devices could mean safer skies
Inflation, other skittishness put new luster in precious metals
Raising the issue of a US envoy to the Vatican, again. Opponents of the US having an ambassador to the Holy See have appealed to the Supreme Court t...
Canada's Shaw Festival: ambition, style
Gambling on education funding
Aspen Music Festival strengthens position of new composers
Leningrad. Day 22
``Hello. Who are you?''
TV `angel' gives new program ideas a needed financial boost
Lewis pounds pavement to upset Bond
Queen of battle
Idaho is latest battle ground in national right-to-work struggle. Labor calls for repeal of law barring mandatory union dues
You'll love the Katzes!
Restoring the grandeur of PRAGUE
Canada tries to bring Quebec to terms with new Constitution
Softball as it's played -- and lived -- in rural America. Country Rovers of Upper Sandusky
`Nonaligned' nations united on US and S. Africa, but little else. Summit focuses on criticism of West's stand on Pretoria
Sanctions alone not adequate US policy for S. Africa, Jackson says
Asians go `visa shopping' in Paraguay
More US Hispanics living in poverty