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Monitor Archive for September 30, 1986

Celebrating fall -- when teachers `have to teach'
Carol Channing: star, trouper, press agent's dream. Hotels are home while touring with `Legends!'
Night light
A HOME THAT INSPIRED A POET. The house where John Greenleaf Whittier grew up mirrors the poet and his poems
The quality of the smile
For $10,000, you can put a type shop on your desk top
Pat Robertson's politics of the religious pulpit
Prose `postcards' from an airplaneloving traveler
Eternal innocence
Canadian Premier Mulroney seeks to regain favor with voters
Environmental impact of third-world development. Protesters say World Bank finances schemes that harm rain forests
Thomas Wolfe looks homeward
Aura of prosperity masks Sri Lanka's economic decline. Once-model economy hard hit by costs of ethnic war, low commodity prices, drop in aid
Urban schools can improve with more funds, less bureaucracy
Different economic drummers
Chinatown rags to real estate. An immigrant shifts from tailoring to tycooning
Guatemalans' hopes for change dim. Economic woes, political violence prompt criticism of Cerezo
New tax law will take US, world into unexplored territory
Tips for the beginning browser for collectibles and antiques. A dealers code of ethics provides some guidance for the traveler
Streets will be dark in Romania this winter -- again. Limits on energy usage point up troubles with economy
Aid to Togo shows French ties with Africa. Delivery of French troops, equipment seen as largely symbolic
Banking on Tenn-Tom Waterway to spur region's economy. Although project opened early, barge traffic remains a trickle
The man not running
A case for optimism on world economy
Why baseball's show must go on; Palmer charges to victory. Four ball clubs clinch titles, but statistical honors still up for grabs
Lady Liberty and her `huddled masses'
Tax reform: hot topic in New Zealand too. Shift to indirect taxing is part of sweeping economic overhaul
Release caps week of wild rumors. Lessons from Daniloff-Zakharov affair.
Summit moves nearer. LESSONS FROM DANILOFF-ZAKHAROV AFFAIR. Desire for a summit appears to be the force behind Daniloff release. But both sides are...
Act now for a bloomin' beautiful garden
The Daniloff saga