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Monitor Archive for September 29, 1986

Peter Ustinov stars in Agatha Christie mystery
Reagan battles Capitol Hill over sanctions and funding delays. He tries to prevent veto override, blasts Congress on spending bill
Tax bill sparks praise, criticism, and doubts. President Reagan will take primary credit for the historic tax-reform bill originally promoted by Dem...
Cultural Omnibus. In 1566, Dutchmen savaged thousands of church images. Now 7 art shows are honoring the art that survived their wrath.
How to learn? Buy a fake!
EC crusades against illicit drugs
Second largest US bank tries to reassure investors
I pick September
Finance ministers draw a blank on strategy
L.A. voters will go to ballot box to city's growth. If approved, plan would give nationwide movement a push
News for nightfall
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Drug-free schools, drug-free society. Schools can't solve the drug problem on their own
Vollenweider's popularity spreads to US. Music from an amazing palette of colors, sounds, and textures
Security fades in Lebanese `security zone'
Success and failure of Gramm-Rudman
Israeli-backed militia chief reaffirms role. Lahad signals Israel's continued support of S. Lebanon militia
Peeling off Gorbachev's mask of amicability
Murmuring voice speaks about a mother-daughter relationship
Biotech companies `flash a thumbs-up' on US guidelines. Industry says rules clarify, but critic calls them rubber stamps
Negotiating for Daniloff's release. Talk of swap with dissidents highlights silenced Soviet movements
Car comfort. Using ergonomics to make cars fit their owners
Blacks urged to strike at S. African mines. Government, mining firms try to stem growing safety concerns
Obtaining necessities: East holds no candle to West
Time to read
Jackson begins to feel his baseball oats; Astro pitchers sparkle
Stock offerings at record clip
Beirut clashes bring Christian claims of Syrian meddling. But Syrians say fighting was strictly inter-Christian struggle
Peace between neighbors
Negotiating for Daniloff's release. Moscow -- not visiting Soviet foreign minister -- seems to be calling shots
Summed up on a sundial
Duarte's right flank
Florida Senate polls yield many results. One day Hawkins leads, while the next day Graham is ahead
French nuclear plant poisons relations with W. Germany. Germans protest `dangerous atomic neighbor'
Australia's get-tough budget appears to be a boomerang
Tories fight to win favor with voters. Mulroney plays down Tory peccadilloes as Parliament opens
Sketchbook exhibition reveals how Picasso worked
A peek inside the cars of the future
Supreme Court docket heavy on business. `Pro' posture intact as bench faces antitrust, labor issues
Political instability adds to troubles in Spain's Basque region. Collapse of ruling party spurs early vote -- and no clear winner
Nakasone's slip: signpost of Japanese cultural issue
Aquino wins Round 1. Filipino communists move closer to cease-fire
Meet Abu, tour guide extraordinaire. He came from Boston to Africa -- and never went back
Can you top this? Next time you look at a tree in your yard and think about topping it, think again