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Monitor Archive for September 24, 1986

Is alcohol abuse being ignored in antidrug fervor?
Compassionate story of depression-era drifter
Soviets see summit hopes. Reagan's UN speech hints that superpowers can reach arms accord, commentator says
Gorbachev's move
Superpowers move with caution toward agreement
Sky safety
Crack in China's `iron rice bowl'. No more guaranteed employment, Peking says, in bid to boost productivity in factories
Mozambique rebels' `image' war. Changes in guerrilla group's leadership, tactics seen as effort to improve international image
Forced vacancy
Name me
Emmy highlights
`To divest or not to divest' a gnawing issue for universities. Fiscal reality can cloud conscience over South African apartheid
Recipes from `Mexican Family Cooking'
. . . and broader economic ties
Hot tips: a Mexican cooking primer
East-West: toward peace . . .
Hank Greenberg went to bat for his country and the Tigers
In Philippines, sugar barons seek ways to combat insurgency. Negros's poverty proves fertile ground for guerrillas
Stalinist `famine' controversy. Film from '30s finally gets first US airing
Farmers' frustrations taint Zimbabwe's grain bounty. Peasants long for private ownership of the land they till
FROM MEXICO WITH LOVE. A first lady of family cooking brings her native dishes to America
Norman Rockwell: Illustrator and creator of America's visual myths
How certificates of deposit can outrace zero-coupon bonds
Pinochet's Chile -- a tragic new cycle
I was a farm boy once
Challenger families push space center for children
French security services scurry to boost fight against terrorism. Leadership changes, lack of coordination are main problems
Compassion: never fatigued
`Unquestionably Canadian'
GOP makes new bid for minority support. Roy Barrera's Texas race hints at shifts in Hispanic vote
Is the European left moving left?
An 18th-century Everyman. Domenico Tiepolo's `Punchinello' drawings are a comic vision