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Monitor Archive for September 23, 1986

Washington and Moscow get set to deal. Despite distrust, nations edge into serious arms negotiations
Mary Russell Mitford on good cricketers
Despite gyrations, Italians take to stock market with a flourish
Soviets' secret industrial might. Managers create slack in system so they can up production on demand
GATT: expanding commerce
Strategic arms -- and compromises
Kindergarten: first steps in a grown-up world. All dressed up and ready to go -- `They look so new'
A 19th-century `folk village' of Korean crafts and culture
Aquino's `triumphal' tour bolsters relations with US. Whether this will mean more help for troubled economy is uncertain
Next round in Mideast: from Tehran to Paris to Jerusalem
Valenzuela excels despite Dodger blues; watch for Reds in '87
Baseball is about coming home
Chatting with ordinary citizens in Latvia
Concessions from US, USSR could lead to INF treaty
Swedes come unglued over atomic energy. The question is not whether to scrap nuclear plants, but when
`Woza Africa!': acting out the plight of South African blacks
Energy alternatives
Extra Innings
Europe opts for more autonomy in space. Tensions with US spur new projects and set the stage for competition
Philosopher of practical wisdom
Falling oil prices hurt Canada's efforts to wring out its deficit. Social programs like `baby bonuses' resist cutting
Walking with your son
It's huge; it's gastronomic
AGENDA for the 21st century
French surmount fears and stand up to terrorist threat
Finding time: college president keeps work from eclipsing family
Belgium's `linguistic demon' stirs. Small-town conflict may spark language war
French decision to impose visas reverses open-borders tradition
Realistic Iranian setting in journalist's first novel
Learning not to work against ourselves
Japan `low tech' may help communities recycle organic waste
Restoration starts at Washington's Union Station
Mortimer Adler
Angola -- costs of covert aid
Chinese officials face uphill battle to pass bankruptcy law