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Monitor Archive for September 16, 1986

What must accompany sanctions against South Africa
Texas Air's bold move to be nation's No. 1. Frank Lorenzo adds struggling People Express to his empire
Support for President Aquino
US-Soviet ties may be chilled, but kids' peace play goes on
Libya's showman extraordinaire. Qaddafi still has flair, but seems to lack former enthusiasm
Future dims for Canada's asbestos miners. US Environmental Protection Agency considers complete ban on asbestos; Canadians question data on low-leve...
Aquino visit to US: bad timing
From ABC, nine new series -- some with familiar faces
A visit with a Cuban family
`Digital audio' enhances radio sound and silence
Running away from problems?
Fred the sofa
Rise in terrorism tests French resolve to be firm
The Reagans lead on drugs
The corruption of US colleges
A reel of one's own
Edwin Denby on dancing to the beat
Poland and US sanctions: a time for reappraisal
Senate's vote on Rehnquist an anticlimax. Coming up: impeachment trial of US District Judge Claiborne
Children of poverty
Baseball card dealer peddles nostalgia that fits in your hand
United Nations and Washington eye each other closely. Each watches other's actions on UN finances and S. Africa
Journalists, diplomats, and spies -- there are some parallels
Stravinsky on wheels
Fort DeSoto Park: a five-island adventure for campers in Florida
How the Panama hatters of Ecuador change straw into gold
Turning TV from a `Pandora's box' into an `Aladdin's lamp'
Chemical experiments suggest the inevitability of organic life