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Monitor Archive for September 12, 1986

State officials eye nuclear waste decision. Regional compact makes North Carolina host of South's waste
Around the world aboard a study ship
I help myself to whatever's in bloom
How Sgt. Farrell holds rein on the rowdies
For Patton portrayals, Scott seems ready to put an Emmy next to Oscar
Fighting the good fight against terrorism. Without global enforcement of law and order, it's not easy
Permanent sight
Plan now for fall foliage tour
The mighty yen
There's no town quite like Alice
New home in another country. After the horrors of war, Southeast Asians celebrate their beginning in the United States
Thatcher tries to boost Tory chances at polls
Soviets appear to be seeking way to resolve Daniloff case
Peacemaking and the individual. During the past four months, the Monitor has spotlighted 11 people who work to resolve conflict. Whether quelling vi...
. . . but she won't be on bended knee
Let's not give the plot away
Nantucket glows serenely in autumn
A leftward sally in Germany
Frustration grows in N. Ireland. For first time, Protestant protests against Anglo-Irish agreement spill onto factory floor
After Mao, China looks West. Even Lee Iacocca figures into China's fascination with Western models of success
Meet the bees
Mideast summit: a new start?
Sailing + Disney = kid fun
Informative, entertaining look at English language
`I didn't feel whole until I could read'
Jazz wins fans aboard ship
How Western Air became takeover bait
Camp David: a first step
Homeward. Day 28
Auchincloss's sly look into the `Diary of a Yuppie'
Angolan civil war keeps potential economic powerhouse poor. Government spends 50 percent of its budget on armed forces
An account of interest
Sailors hope to bring the America's Cup to the Windy City
Lunch with Cap
Theme Cruises. Want to pursue your favorite hobby on your vacation? Solve a mystery, meet sports stars, hear hit songs from the big-band era, spruce...
Fighting illiteracy in Atlanta