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Monitor Archive for September 11, 1986

THE CAROUSEL. Preserving a high art. Magnificent steeds spring back to life
Drug testing: no cure-all
`Ghost made flesh' talks of Mao years
College football takes center stage with full slate this weekend
Cairo talks seem to open way for Peres, Mubarak meeting. Summit would take up Palestinian issue, expanding bilateral peace
`Look what your dad sent!'
Are true, down-home Southern restaurants gone with the wind? If it's got ferns and fried potato skins, better beat a hasty retreat
Roving the globe with notebook and pen
Beating up on Zimbabwe
Mexicans split on issue of economic reform
The noisiest city in the world
In an easier light
CIA uses Western reporters, Soviets say. Hardening their line in the Daniloff affair, the Soviets have charged that Western reporters are recruited...
New help for US students. Businesses, individuals join to provide financial support
Slick new image for good old Nancy Drew. Old-fashioned girl sleuth gets a trendy makeover
The Daniloff case
Returning Mrs. Griffel's casserole
Joint ventures the talk of U.K. air show
Japan closes rice market to imports; US millers want tariffs. Rice could be symbolic case for US government action
A national identity card? Passport to halt illegal immigration may hobble civil rights
Battle lines set for party struggle to control Senate
Illiteracy garners nationwide attention. Sharper awareness of issue bolsters funding, volunteer support
Boston's dynamic school chief. Laval Wilson aims to revolutionize Hub's public education
California program helps farmers break into export market
Economy -- the ditty yardstick
Bubba's stand
British eat record amount of German food, for better or wurst
Cavaco Silva's leadership
Stockholm. Day 27
Washing away grime or an artist's genius? A shade of doubt dogs the Sistine Chapel restoration
In sacking a top aide, Japanese premier averts diplomatic crisis
The `version' according to Updike
African nations begin steps to give top priority to agriculture
US says 2nd-quarter trade deficit eased slightly
East bloc to women: have babies. Officials seek to arrest population drop
Safety in the shadow
Super primary day for women candidates. From Connecticut to Arizona, they scored significant wins
Inflation appears in for a moderate rise
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