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Monitor Archive for August 20, 1986

How Gorbachev tackles the tough issues. Soviet leader projects confident, moderate image to mobilize opinion at home and abroad
Ontario's Stratford gets back on track. Three Shakespeare romances and a musical start the season
Mongolia. Day 12
On the quiet
Czechs' aims are crystal clear. Glass factory wants to sell world's finest crystal
Cynicism in East Berlin
Cheep that tune
Gorbachev's strategy for tackling tough issues. Vast Chernobyl cleanup effort is being slowed by technical problems
Another Soviet 'emigr'e player starts making a mark in US play
Soviets woo Europe with space exhibit. Show chronicling space achievements said to be largest
Running slow
Unique golf scoring system generates excitement, controversy
Welcome and noble letters
Closed-end funds giving investors a crack at overseas action
Tallying impact of Israeli-Soviet Helsinki meeting. Any movement to closer ties expected to be slow
Tax bill saves a few hundred dollars for most people. Phase-in of changes makes it hard to pinpoint bill's effects.
When the umpire joins the game
Democracy: a luxury for rich countries?
Extra! Extra! Sociology takes over the sports page!
EXPO 86. If long lines are any indication, this may be the most successful North American exposition in more than 20 years
In the soup: finding more uses for all that leftover corn
Bennett wants schools to work like small business
Soviets have shaken up nuclear power industry since disaster
CBS agrees to air `issue ad' depicting deficit trial. The network sharpens its policy on `controversial' advertising
B-1B bomber wins west Texas hearts -- and lawmakers' too
`Before they made Perelman, they broke the mold'
The case for keeping American troops in Europe
Israel's envoy cautions US not to leap into Mideast too early
Me? Spiritual?
Bobolink or chicken?
Tunisia's new premier faces first challenge with austerity plan
Illinois pulls accountants out of the line of fire from third-party lawsuits