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Monitor Archive for July 1, 1986

A chorus of grasshoppers at the finger tips
Belgian Premier triumphs over wave of public discontent. He has weathered most serious strikes in the country's history
Fiddlestrings and a map
Italy's latest political stir
Passing the acid test
Important changes may be in store for social security system
Soviet leader lashes out at US during Polish congress. Gorbachev blames Washington for arms race
Victims of Peruvian mountain flood disaster struggle to rebuild
Team effort led Argentina to World Cup win
An intimate look at the life and struggles of a young artist
Pickups, Jeeps, and minivans weaning many from their sedans
Emergency: shield for Botha's bid to woo black `moderates'
Sharing views on South Africa
Local historians help recover their towns' forgotten past
`I love Yew Nork': a child's journal
You might consider
Justice Department under Meese: gauging its tilt to the right
Composing with a galaxy of sound. Computers are giving musicmakers the means to explore new worlds
When it comes to facts, are scientists deceiving themselves?
Overcoming limitations
Veterans push for their day in court
Computers `look' and `listen' as they play
Thomas Jefferson on being polite
News In Brief
Preserving a traditional way of life in the Himalayas. Project promotes innovation compatible with local culture
Press suppression never really works
Why a woman may be just the ticket for the Gop in '88
Sen. East's passing focuses attention on status of New Right. Carolinian was stalwart backer of Reagan's conservative agenda
When it comes to being late, Venezuelans are up to the minute
North Carolina stands in for Scotland during `the games'
NAACP delegates welcome marchers protesting apartheid. Civil rights group adopts more-activist approach to counter its critics