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Monitor Archive for June 9, 1986

Lose your temper? Lose fear!
Austrians assess impact of controversial election. Waldheim's likely win makes some uneasy
Where, in this Age of Information, is the thinking?
High noon for the movie business may not be a stock bonanza
Maintaining Mideast leverage
The Fed may not see fresh inflation, but it still has a juggling act
`Star wars' and the political fortunes of the Democrats
Before Citymeals came along, the food stopped on Friday. Lack of Christmas dinner prompted givers to act
WU business school aims to be near the top
Africa: romanticism for the strong. Where unlimited hospitality mixes with widespread inefficiency
Hope flickers among Salvadoreans as bombed town is revived
Cracks widen in the Mitterrand-Chirac partnership in France. Economic, political, and ideological differences may force call for early elections
An American modern
Try saying that in poetry
Pelton conviction belated, but US counterintelligence improves
Top US Protestant group faces crucial leadership vote. Battle for president of Southern Baptists could solidify fundamentalists' gains
Portrait of a young refugee artist in wartime New York
German realist drawings depict an era
Soviet space effort set for `quantum jump'. Early failures have yielded to success, boosting program's confidence
Shooting for national status. After a 15-year effort, Washington University is shedding its reputation as a good regional school, say a number of ob...
Engine inspection may be a weak link in US air-safety chain. Testimony suggests less-than-rigorous adherence to FAA rules
Back to the ragtop. New-model roadsters bring back the thrill of open-air cruising
Trade anxiety in land of the rising yen
Canada wants to keep its north to itself. Government draws boundaries and increases surveillance to boost claim to sovereignty of Arctic islands and...
20th-century pirates roam the seas of Southeast Asia
Chinese turn to W. Europe for help with modernization
US crackdown on insider trading suggests the practice is widespread
Novel of the 19thcentury American West
Big steel banking on a rustproof product for US automakers
US attaches tax refunds to collect on defaulted student loans. An upset graduate tells what happened when she didn't pay
Peacemaker conference tackles a dispute of its own -- head on
Reagan signs anti-drug directive
Rookie Wally Joyner, veteran Dave Kingman in slugging feats
Reviving party balance
It takes more than bake sales to feed the elderly