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Monitor Archive for June 30, 1986

US not expected to abide by terms of World Court ruling
Video arcades: pool halls of the '80s?
`Post office?'
The patter of toe shoes, the aroma of onions
Divorce vote shakes Irish government and its ties with neighbors
With economy soft and new rate cut in offing, markets perk up
Eliminating walls of isolation
`Arsenic and Old Lace': a comedy refusing to become dated. Preposterous is the word for this homicidal welfare program
Nicaragua digs in. Sandinistas, seeing themselves under fire from US, clamp down on dissent at home
NASA urges intense Earth surveillance. Proposal cites growing awareness of man's impact on planet
Home-grown, home-dried flower arrangements
Soviet trio takes daring liberties with familiar jazz styles
Comic strip artist Herriman, an American original
Yugoslav public presses for reform following party congress
A Seattle school's success story. Commitment and a shared set of values are the secret
Reagan agenda losing steam? Never! says Buchanan
Seven o'clock shadow?
The National Lampoon's new Off Broadway show takes aim at yuppiedom
An appropriate US response: the Peace Institute
Tackling problem helps people -- and profits
Wampanoags lose a battle
A new show proves that regionalism hasn't disappeared from today's art -- and that diversity is alive and well
The President as peacemaker
Ecuador's brash leader adds dimension to quirky politics
Seeing rural America
Viewers in US offered close look at Soviets
Dear friends,
Tax bill has virtues, but the damper on capital gains isn't one
Masterful revival of `Old Times,' Pinter's thriller of the heart
Drugs in the workplace: . . . beyond accusations to helping out
How far can the President get in reshaping the law? Congress' leadership an open question in judge appointments
Former teen phenom Robin Yount still a star; Phils cut Carlton
Rostenkowski says he'll insist on lower taxes for middle class
Pretoria opponents say emergency has failed to quell unrest. Critics say government is rigging figures to present fa,cade of calm
Italy weighs options for new coalition
Macao: China's test-case takeover. Hong Kong, Taiwan watching closely how Peking handles the Portuguese colony's return to Chinese sovereignty
Arts given boost by planned radio series. Two-hour live programs set for weekday mornings