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Monitor Archive for June 27, 1986

Drugs and the individual
PBS leads viewers down unusual paths
World Cup soccer final is intriguing `Battle of Hemispheres'
High court bars execution of insane. Such executions found to be cruel and unusual punishment
Out of the wilderness
Military logrolling
Learning to a beat helps the kids on the street
Reservations at work. Some Indian tribes have attained impressive levels of prosperity. But the Indian's need to balance material gain and spiritual...
Pretoria's unwanted booms. Jitters among South African whites help boost handgun sales and international-moving business
Contra aid: checkpoints ahead
Strawberry shortcake for lunch
It took her 2 years to get dressed
Jaunty `Kids America' tunes in to young listeners
What next for South Africa?
Trial of cruise ship hijackers in Italy keeps low profile. Trial unlikely to strain Italian relations with Arab world
Peru officials expect popular leader to weather storm. Garc'ia to investigate Army actions in prison riots
In France, emotions rise with the mercury. Soccer defeat, hostage release, death of comedian stir up nation
America's midsection works away at budget trims
EC at odds on blanket S. Africa boycott
Summit seen as last chance for arms control
Tribe seeks to preserve culture amid prosperity
Countering illegal drugs -- with moral, spiritual growth
Ecology-oriented Green movement attracts followers in the US. But American greens can't agree which group is the real Green Party
`Labyrinth': puppet-show appeal. David Bowie heads cast as goblin-in-chief
Long undervalued, Shaker antiques grow expensive and scarce
Boom, bust experience tests tribal resilience
Shaker design: worship in workmanship
`Contra' vote focuses debate on Latin policy. Move could undermine Contadora peace process
Chilean turmoil backgrounds `Burning Patience'
Shifting Mideast alliances could hold surprises for US. Jordan also may find its turn to Syria will not prove a panacea
UN diplomat missing for six months
High-tech terrorism in the future. New threats require new approaches, experts say
`No man is an island . . .' -- the new isolationism
Singapore's `heir apparent' visits US to promote investment
Cola buyout curbs focus on antitrust
Nicaragua denounces contra aid. Ortega says more US aid means more sacrifices for Nicaraguans
Making criminal justice in Massachusetts more evenhanded