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Monitor Archive for June 26, 1986

Wimbledon tennis gets off to its typical upset-laced start
School desegregation -- moving forward or backward?
Manet sent a second helping
Behind the BIG TOP. Offstage, circus life is keyed to hard work and strong family ties
Opera Theatre of St. Louis enjoys high success rate
Finding one's place in the urban scene
Soviet farm-cast: a leap or a drag

Indians in the city. Fifty-four percent of American Indians live in urban areas. Many have successfully made the transition from reservation to city...
Drug war: enlisting society
Festivals guide US audiences toward international theater fare
Restoring the Willard. Historic hotel again reflects its glittering past
South African emergency slows black-on-black violence. But signs of anger and fear remain in township
Tax reform conferees target relief for mid-income Americans
`Low-intensity warfare'
Pardon of Israeli security chief sparks new controversy over 1984 hijacking
Sandinistas worry regional peace talks may collapse. Contadora process is central to Nicaraguan rulers' bid to reduce likelihood of direct US interv...
Pavarotti wows China's opera-goers. Crowd-control cops hard-pressed to keep Peking fans off stage
Reversing the SALT II decision
Asia seeks self-reliance
Strategy for countering the Soviet threat
Buoyed by last year's results, Farm Aid prepares an encore
The turbulence People Express flew into
Rural Guatemala: under Army's forceful thumb. Army-run villages, civil defense patrols aim to undermine rebel support
Summer's best fan
To liven up a landscape, try a touch of red in your garden
Still life with ladybug and PC
High court raises barrier to bringing libel suits to trial
Trading places, Peking-style
I am making handmade paper