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Monitor Archive for June 23, 1986

`Louie and Ophelia': appealing pair
Wanted: one small island for the nation of Nauru to move to
Fresh faces bring fresh promise to Rangers; Rose stays patient
Helping Afghan resisters
Forgiving ourselves and others
Soviet arms stances promising for talks
Guatemala inches forward. Shadows of history dim hopes for quick change
Small Japanese cars to hit high gear in US in 1987
The 55 m.p.h. debate kicks into overdrive
House, Senate at odds on FHA pinch
100th Wimbledon: masterpiece tennis theater
Improving US-Polish relations
New S. Africa laws put reform on hold
How Lucy Maynard Salmon changed history
Youth program tackles nation's truancy and dropout problems
Play's expulsion stirs protests at international theater festival. `Animal Farm' staged anyway, elsewhere
Jordan clamps down on press, a sign something is amiss. On a reporting trip in Jordan, a Monitor correspondent was harassed by security forces -- la...
Cerezo: building democracy is job for all the people
Rosa Bonheur: a liberated painter of . . . . . the snort and the stamp
Beirut hostage release gives France hope. Despite Iran's denials, move seen as result of better France-Iran ties
Insider's diaries open the door to No. 10 Downing Street
A tradition survives
A bouncier 2nd half is not certain; much rests on trade pickup
There goes the US Navy -- steaming the wrong way
Acting on drugs: enforcement
Alaska: How much saving is too much?
Shultz trip to western Pacific shows area's growing importance. US official to discuss trade, aid, collective security in five visits
Louisiana sharpens budget ax. Legislature determined to prevent tax increase
WINDOW ON MANHATTAN. From any perspective, this ragged cityscape is breathtaking -- that's why apartment views are a precious commodity in New York...
Japan encounters fresh flak in battle over its textbook accounts of WW II