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Monitor Archive for June 20, 1986

Tale of two families: living the Arab-Israeli divide
Las Vegas nights -- backdoor approach to legalized gambling
Manila peddling used palaces, tourism
A greater Granger never was
Danish designer Hans Wegner. For decades his craftsmanship has helped keep Denmark at the forefront of furniture design.
Remembering the lost steel jobs. Workers and companies plan nationwide rally
The hem of the garment
Afghan resistance leaders leave US with questions hanging
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Guadalajara dances soccer samba. Mexican city embraces Brazilian World Cup team
Speculation keen after Mexican's ouster. Politics and economics brought finance chief's resignation
Assessing worth of an artist's work during or after his lifetime
Advice on being a father, Bill Cosby-style
Cultivating an eye for art that has more than aesthetic value
Ben Cross steals show in `Caine Mutiny' stage revival
Socialist International meeting highlights tilt toward third world
Reagan reaches threshold. Moment of decision arriving for Washington on arms control and South Africa sanctions
Crossroads of South Africa
History of `Lady Liberty' unveiled in TV movie. Film escapes typical problems of docudrama
Collectibles: interest is high, but cash returns aren't
Lift the ban on ASAT testing
Who lives in a pool?
Helping out
Weaning Manila from total control
Florida tackles costly liability insurance. Bill to roll back premiums drives some insurers to quit the state
`Legal Eagles' flits between drama and comedy. Winger and Redford star as teamed-up attorneys
Purdue professor's personal touch. For Larry Axel, teaching continues long after graduation
Big question of what to build remains after Challenger study. Choice is difficult because much space technology is out of date
The worm turns
New literary helmsman for China. Culture minister was silenced in Mao era
Cities pool their risks and insure themselves
`Star wars' under the gun. Cost, arms control, and feasibility are the key factors
An unseasonal economic chill
They're not an investor's best friend, but diamonds have appeal
Emergency will cost S. Africa. Crackdown likely to be bad for business
Zimbabweans worry about cost of sanctions against S. Africa