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Monitor Archive for June 19, 1986

Better than grasshoppers
US officials expect little change with new Mexico finance minister
Navy history: seamanship, gallantry, and live-oak planking
You wouldn't recognize this `Taming of the Shrew'
Change in the Supreme Court
Out of the Army now
The US and the South African civil war, Part 2
Judge Scalia seen as major force on Supreme Court. Formidable intellect and conservative philosophy mark Reagan appointee
Reagan's policy stamp. High court nominees meant to strengthen President's social agenda for many years
Sixers go `forward' in basketball draft; Inkster rolling now
As pressure grows, Thatcher's party split on S. Africa sanctions
A grandparent's right to a place in his grandchild's life
Venturing into powerful orbit of South Africa
Mies van der Rohe: advice about design

US forced to rethink Panama policy
Rossini opera debuts anew in St. Louis
S. Africa unrest smolders in aftermath of strike
The Lavi aircraft milestone -- flying high
Businesses awarded for donating time, products
Jordan's Hussein stakes prestige on Syria-Iraq thaw. Syrian backing is vital to peace moves, King feels; Israel, US, PLO disagree
Keeping up with Wilhelmina
Where the Kremlin gets the news, and how
Foes try to keep Gonz'alez from clean sweep in Spanish vote
Pushing for cooperation on nuclear accidents
S. Africa emergency hits home for whites. Curbs leave many at sea over how to exert real influence on nation's future
A forecast of growth, and puzzlement over why it's not upon us
Benny Goodman: the `King of Swing' is remembered for several firsts
JANE BRYANT AND MARTHA QUINN. Two women who have made it in a business where mother-and-daughter families are as rare as white peacocks